A Night At TGCR’s Legendary Santapan 29 Malam Buffet

Thanks to the lifting of dine-in restrictions and our social distancing practices, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort brought the legendary Santapan 29 Malam Buffet dinner back this year. Media and guests were invited for a special tasting of the dishes for buka puasa on 13 April 2021, the first day of Ramadhan.

There were 20 stalls serving freshly-made delicacies, including goreng berempah stalls for prawns and chicken, dessert stalls with ice cream potong and cendol, grilled sections and pastry sections with cekodok pisang, cempedak and more. Included were an assortment of Malaysian fruits from jambu to duku langsat and a choice of popular local drinks and desserts from sirap bandung to bubur jagung amongst others.

Along with Malaysian delicacies come Thai specialties this year as well. From the Yam Neua beef salad and Tom Yum Gai to the Som Tam Thai, a spicy green papaya salad in chili and fish sauce. There were 250 dishes served at the buffet over the fasting month at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort’s Santapan 29 Malam.