Brilliant Bird Snaps At TGCR

The variety of bird species at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort indicates that its environment is healthy and well-maintained, prompting 14-year-old Imran Amir to document his fascination for the feathered beauties with his camera.

At a massive 625 acres, plus a landscape that’s lush and verdant, it is no surprise why Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (“TGCR”) in Petaling Jaya is an oasis of calm and home to unique species of flora and fauna. The variety of birds that frolic freely at the TGCR has caught the attention of 14-year-old Imran Amir, a special needs boy with an extraordinary talent for photography.

“I started photographing birds at TGCR last year when the pandemic began. The calls and colours of the birds made me decide to take photos of them” he explains, adding that so far, he has taken shots of 116 species of birds. Imran says it’s an easy job because he can see and hear them easily. “When an Oriental Honey Buzzard landed on my neighbour’s roof at Jalan TR 2/1, I was so excited.

Oriental Honey Buzzard

It’s a migratory species that is common to the Tropicana area and yet it travels long distances from Siberia all the way to Indonesia! I got a snapshot of it looking at me and that gave me an amazing feeling.” His favourite spot for taking bird photos is at a lake near the golf course at Jalan 8/2 where you can find the Brahminy Kite, Osprey, Painted Stork, and Crested Serpent Eagle among others. “There is also a very friendly local white duck (Mallard) that will come to you if you feed it,” adds Imran, who has a collection of books on birds.

Impressed by the well-maintained green space at TGCR, he notes that the bio-diversity of an area directly points to a healthy environment and to some extent, its inhabitants. In fact, Imran says some bird species such as the Rufous Woodpecker, Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker and Striated Heron as well as a flock of Asian Glossy Starlings have nesting grounds within the TGCR.