Celebrate The Bicycle!

This two wheeled contraption has been changing lives since the 19th century.

Every year on 3 June, the world celebrates World Bicycle Day. The tradition started in April 2018 when the United Nations General Assembly recognised the value and significance of this simple and reliable mode of transportation that has benefitted us for at least two centuries.

As an ode to this celebration, various events and activities are organised all over the world to encourage people to join in the festivities. It also provides the opportunity to raise awareness on the benefits of cycling and promotes city councils to increase measures to improve road safety and cycling mobility to protect the safety of riders and pedestrians alike. The improvement of cycling routes in and around the city will in turn encourage more people to utilise the bicycle.

The bicycle is a clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transportation. It’s practicality and reliability proves useful to millions of people, powered by their own bodies. A fun, hassle-free way to get around, it also enables people to stay fit and healthy. With this in mind, cycling has fast become one of the more popular recreational activities in recent years. Cycling increases mobility and reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other health concerns.

If you would like to start cycling, here are some key tips to keep in mind.
1. Set your seat height right because having the wrong saddle height could put you at risk for injury.
2. Get a good bike fit to ensure your arms and torso make a 45-degree angle over the bike. Protect yourself with a safety helmet.
3. Don’t forget to maintain your bike by lubing your
chain and keeping the recommended amount of air in your tires.
4. Take it slow and steady while you give your body time to adjust to new distances.
5. Hydration is extremely important and forgetting to do so can cause dizziness, nausea, irritability and confusion. If the ride is more than two hours long, bring a snack & eat small amounts every 15-20 mins or so.

It is common to see groups of friends and like-minded people gather at various hotspots around town that are deemed suitable for getting a good workout on their bicycles. Some of these spots are located in parks and affluent neighbourhoods where people can take in pleasant and relaxing sights, whilst keeping fit.

Some popular hot-spots for cycling are:
Tropicana Aman Freesia Residences While most public parks and roads are free for all, this stunning new location has set up a special Walking & Biking Community. Artfully designed to reacquaint us with the alluring attributes of nature, the residence is built alongside beautiful lakes and parks spanning 85 acres of a central park with 7km of trails and paths.

Kuala Lumpur City Centre On the first and third Sunday of every month, roads are closed off and reserved for cycling, jogging or walking. Aptly called KL Car Free Morning, cyclists can take advantage of the hours between 7 – 9am and experience cycling on otherwise busy main roads.

Lake Gardens @ Perdana Botanical Gardens The Lake Gardens is KL’s iconic recreational park that attracts visitors from all over town. It is a vast park with beautiful lush greenery, perfect for picnics, walking, jogging, cycling, and even exploring the various species of plants and flowers there.

Bukit Kiara Park This park located in Taman Tun has steep cycling trails for enthusiasts. It has wide, well-paved paths to jog, hike or cycle. The serene ambience of this park provides an ideal respite from KL’s busy life.

Desa Park City Its Central Park is a famous recreational park for walkers, joggers and cyclists alike. Located 13km outside central KL, it has a man-made lake and a 9-foot wide cycling trail.