Chinoiserie Chic

Amber Chia models creations by top Malaysian designers inspired by Chinese New Year.

Born in the Year of the Rooster, Amber Chia fits the characteristics of the determined bird. “People describe the rooster as a hard-working animal that wakes up early. When it comes to my career, I am passionate about work. I always make sure I’m early or on time and put in my best effort.”

Cheongsam from Celest Thoi

Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, Chia is optimistic about the future. She hopes the Amber Chia Academy – a modelling academy she established in 2010 – would resume business as usual. “It was our 10th anniversary in 2020, but any celebration has been put on hold.”

Jumpsuit and obi sash from Styled By Peter Lum

“I love the cheongsam! A woman always looks so elegant and beautiful in a cheongsam, as it shows off her body shape,” enthused Chia. “Malaysian designers are so creative at blending different elements from Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures to give it a local flavour.”

Cheongsam from Keith Kee

“I always tell myself that if you can’t change what’s happening around you, you change yourself,” mused Chia, who turns 40 in 2021. “During the lockdown, I finally started my YouTube channel. So, I think of this as an opportunity to learn something new.”

Cheongsam from Melinda Looi