Eternal Elegance

Channel a state of zen in these stylish new pieces that will give your look a relaxed touch. For this leisure issue, we shot our fashion spread at the relaxing splendour of the luxurious Qi Odyssey, at Tropicana Gardens Mall.

Floral Dress and Trench Coat, Both Coach
Playing with textures will keep your look interesting. Add contrast to a floral dress by layering a stylish coat on top like this pastel trench coat.

Blazer, Shirt (Worn Inside) and Long Skirt, All Brunello Cucinelli
Nothing says sophistication like an all-white outfit. It looks sleek, crisp and is always suitable for any occasion, whether day or night.

Perforated Napa Jacket and Skirt, Salvatore Ferragamo
A monochromatic is anything but boring, especially in a relaxed, pastel tone like this!

Paint-splash pantsuit, Moschino
A sharply tailored suit is great for a boost of confidence. The splash of vibrant colours on this one gives it a laid-back appeal.

Blazer, T-shirt, and Jeans, All Celine
You can never go wrong with a well-fitted jeans and T-shirt combo. Throw on a blazer to look more polished.