Genius Food Artist

Food artist and influencer Samantha Lee reveals the most common request she gets from her 600K followers and the cuisine she cannot cook to save her life.

For Samantha Lee, it all started when she got creative in her food preparations for her daughter to eat healthily. That was back in 2011 when Instagram was just in its infancy. Today, Samantha has become a worldwide sensation with each food post highly anticipated by her ravenous followers. She sits down with Tropicana Magazine in the midst of her usually hectic day to answer a few questions.

What sparked your interest in cooking and baking?
I’ve always enjoyed food since I was a child. My mom taught me basic cooking when I was about seven. Food is also memory for me. The art of cooking and baking and when family and friends take the first bite and loving it has the ability to motivate me to cook and bake more.

Were you self-taught or did you attend a cooking and baking course?
I’ve always loved cooking and I polished my culinary skills at Le Cordon Bleu when I obtained a certification in 2018. 

You describe yourself as an artist in your Instagram account, how would you describe the art you create?
The moniker of food artist was given to me by the media. The food art I create is practical, edible and tells a story…a bit like pop culture on a plate!

What is your favourite dish or cake to cook or bake for yourself and your family? It’s a traditional Chinese dish called Chicken in glutinous rice wine. 

How did you start on Instagram with your food?
I started food art dishes in 2008 to get my eldest daughter to eat healthily and independently. In 2011, I posted my food art on Instagram which garnered a viral storm on social media. 

When did you realise you became a social media influencer?
When my creations went viral and became a trend for many people around the world to create the same.

Is there any pressure on you now that you have over 600K followers on Instagram?  No pressure because the number dropped from almost a million down to 600k. I’ve never created my dishes for fame. 

Do you share your recipes on your social media platform?
Yes, I do that on Instagram. 

What is the most common request you get from your followers?
How can I order burnt cheesecake from you? 

What’s next for you? Have you got any new or exciting projects in the pipeline? I’ve been toying with the idea of doing cooking videos on YouTube so I’ll most probably create a YouTube channel in 2021.