Highland Living Above The Clouds

Whether you’re skiing or enjoying the cool weather, there is nothing quite like the sight of a vast horizon viewed from a mountain resort. With the refreshing breeze in the highlands, it’s tempting to simply drive up a mountain to have a coffee with some friends. 

As the Covid restrictions make it impossible to visit peaks in distant countries, our top 3 mountain destinations for the vacationer includes one very attainable height; Tropicana Grandhill in Genting Highlands will be perfect for your lofty travel aspirations!

Gasthof Post (Lech am Arlberg, Austria)

If you’ve ever wanted to hobnob with the royals in Europe, you might occasionally find them sipping wine and fine-dining at the Gasthof Post in Lech am Arlberg, Austria. This swanky boutique hotel and gourmet restaurant also features soothing spa services, a high-end beauty parlour with collagen and hydrodermabrasion treatments and world-class skiing facilities. It’s a place for epicureans, elegance and excitement.

Genting Resort Secret Garden (Hebei, China)

Skiing the powdery-white slopes at the Genting Resort Secret Garden would be the dream destination for enthusiasts of the sport. The resort is the largest snow tourism spot in China and boasts a whopping 87 ski trails, with a total of 647 acres of land. It is the venue that will host the 2022 Winter Olympics Freestyle skiing and snowboard events. Able to accomodate 19,610 skiiers at a time, this is the premier skiing destination in the region.

Tropicana Grandhill (Genting Highlands, Pahang)

A closer destination in the mountains is Tropicana Grandhill, close to Genting Sky City with the excitement of the Genting Casinos, the nearby Awana Golf and Country Club and various entertainment facilities at the popular chillout spots. At Tropicana Grandhill, this luxury spot will be the coolest location to rest, rejuvenate and revitalise that’s built into nature, with flowing parks and various commercial services seamlessly integrated into the beautiful surroundings. 

Find out more about Tropicana Grandhill in Genting Highlands at tropicanagrandhill.com