Home Is Where Her Art Is

Edith Ho’s sprawling three-storey home in Tropicana Golf & Country Resort is testament that work, play and passion can all coexist harmoniously under one roof. As an import from Denmark, via Macau, Edith arrived in Malaysia with her husband and three children on a Malaysia My Second Home Visa back in 2007. 

She initially lived in a penthouse apartment but her desire for something furry and friendly got the better of her. She explains: “Our penthouse was lovely but my kids and I wanted to have a dog. The condominium we were living in didn’t allow you to have a pet so my husband and I decided to move into a house.”

Just then Pasha, her affectionate black Labrador sidles up to her, nudging her for a cuddle. Edith’s main reason for moving into a home has obviously been validated. So how did she end up living in this stunning 10,000 square feet modernist designed home? “My daughter went to a birthday party of her friend who lived in Tropicana one day,” she recalls, adding that she never stepped foot this this part of town before. 

Edith and her husband, Edwin Ho then began an arduous search for the right home to buy in Tropicana but after looking at over 20 houses, they still didn’t find anything suitable. “We realised that the only way to get a home of our liking was to build one of our own.” 

Luckily for them, they chanced upon an empty piece of land bordering the Tropicana Golf course. According to Edith, there were only two empty plots of land available and the one they chose was triangular in shape. “I was very anxious during the process of building this house,” Edith confesses, adding that she was also pregnant with her youngest son then. 

Today, Edith ‘s home has become not just her sanctuary but also the place where her passion takes residence. Gallery des Artistes, the gallery Edith founded in 2018 is also located in her home. 

“As a gallerist, I believe the space where you exhibit your art is vitally important,” Edith says, her eyes lighting up. “Having my gallery in a home setting allows my customers to imagine how the art would look like in their own home,” she says. Glancing at a series of circular paintings hung high on her living room walls she talks about an upcoming exhibition she’s collaborating with W Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 

“We are planning on holding an exhibition at the W Hotel Kuala Lumpur in March, subject to any MCO regulations” she says excitedly. “It’s called ‘Crazy Asians’ and it is created by our Gung Ho collective.” The Gung Ho Collective she is talking about is an art initiative she formed in 2019 with British pop artist Jonny Xerox and contemporary Malaysian artist Lim Kok Hong. This follows on from the previous collaboration with W Kuala Lumpur called ‘Pop Orient’ which now forms part of the permanent collection at Yen restaurant at the W Kuala Lumpur. 

“I feel very lucky to have found Tropicana and building our dream home here…the security and facilities, especially at the Club House is just amazing. I can’t imagine myself living in a better place.” While the idea of paradise on earth might be a remote concept for some, for Edith and her family, it has become a reality. 

Gallery des Artistes is a private gallery and viewing is by appointment only. For further information, please visit www.gallerydesartistes.com