Keeping It Green And Gorgeous

Green Bunker at East 2 Hole 17

The beauty of Tropicana Golf & Country Resort is that it can make a positive impact to the environment with its greenery while giving golfers a landscape that’s both breathtaking and natural.

Apart from being a good form of exercise, relaxing hobby and business networking booster, a round of golf offers the benefits that come with spending time outdoors.

Being outdoors can improve your health and well-being as the fresh air and greenery will lower blood pressure and reduce the stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

Tabiebuia tree/bridge at East 2 Hole 17

At Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (TGCR) in Petaling Jaya, the lush and verdant plant life does not only provide a soothing setting for golfers but it also improves the environmental quality in the area.

“One of the important aspects of having a good diversity of plant life in TGCR is that these plants provide shade as well as renew our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen,” says TGCR’s senior horticulturist, Mohd Suriga Md Sachari.

The 625-acre golf and country resort is home to a variety of plant life such as Cocos Nucifera (coconut tree), Tabebuia Rosea (Malaysian sakura), Delonix Regia (red flame), Plumeria Rubra (frangipani), Nymphaeaceae (water lily) and Bougainvillea (paper flower).

“What makes these plants special is that many of them are the flowering types, which complement the Tropicana image. They bloom beautifully in the dry seasons between February and March, and July and August,” explains Mohd Suriga, who has been working at TGCR for 22 years now.   

Other than lending a breathtaking landscape and serving as obstacles for golfers, having a substantial number of plants and trees in a golf course is also beneficial to the environment as they absorb and filter rain, provide wildlife habitat and minimise noise pollution.

According to Mohd Suriga, managing and maintaining the plant life at TGCR requires continuous care and attention.

“Plants and trees are living things and they need water, air, nutrients and sunlight. And, keeping them trimmed and pruned is essential to remove dead branches as well as enhance their shape.”

Although TGCR was established in 1993, Mohd Suriga notes that some of the plants and trees at TGCR are a lot older as they were planted in the area when they had already reached maturity.

As for his favourite plant at TGCR, the 52-year-old says: “I have a fondness for water lilies as they grow easily in water, turning any pond into a picture-perfect oasis and best of all, they bloom throughout the year.”