Life At Home For SJIIM Students (Part 2)

School days are filled with lots of learning experiences, not just in the classroom but in all the other activities that students participate in. With the MCO 2.0 in effect we asked students at St Joseph’s Institution International School about their daily routines. With lessons being taught online, they had more time for activities at home. We asked Scarlet what her life at home during the MCO is like.

  1. How does your daily schedule look like during the MCO period?

Virtual school lessons were conducted systematically and were not very different from face-to-face lessons, so my overall routine was similar to what it looked like before the MCO period. One difference was that I could prepare and revise for lessons using the time I would have used to walk to school.

Name : Kim Kyu-Ri (Scarlet) Age : 16
Total of years at SJIIM : less than 1 year (joined in August 2020)

2. How do you like your study experience at SJIIM?

The compassionate surrounding environment and the unique experiences that SJIIM offered made me feel much more confident about my learning and engaging in new challenges. I am grateful to be part of the SJIIM community, and I wish to contribute even more to it.

3. Do you miss school, and why?

I miss school and its vibrant atmosphere. Although the virtual school experience has been amazing, I feel more a part of the school community if I met people face-to-face and studied in classrooms with my peers. I also miss what we could do when we were physically present in school, such as conducting science experiments in lab and spending break time and lunchtime together with friends. I hope that MCO gets lifted as soon as possible and allows us to return to school.