Life At Home For SJIIM Students

In 2020, the Covid pandemic has affected life for everyone all over the world. With the lockdowns and movement controls in place, students at the St Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia have their classes remotely from home. We asked our student, James, what he thought about his lessons and daily life during this new normal.

Name : James Fedorowicz
Age: 11
Total of years at SJIIM: 4 years

  1. What’s your daily routine during the MCO period, and any new hobbies?
    My typical routine consists of getting up and going jogging with my sister and my mom. Then, I have my shower, get some breakfast and get ready to start Zooming. I have two lessons, and then I have a break at 10:00 am. I tend to play in my house for a bit and then I get ready for PE. After PE, I have another Mandarin lesson. During lunch, I like to listen to audiobooks or read my book or practise some maths while I eat. My afternoon lessons are usually IPC, and then a short PE lesson. At about 4:30, I play on my bike or my scooter with my condo neighbour friends. I really enjoyed getting to know them. I also had some tennis lessons, which is a new sport for me. During the MCO my family and I spent two days painting a picture of the view from our balcony at Tropicana Grande.
  1. How do you like your study experience at SJIIM?
    At SJIIM, I like how the teachers treat everyone equally and make us feel like we should try our best for them. I really appreciate all of the opportunities I have had while at school – doing Singapore Maths competitions, going on the Penang Sports trip and singing on stage in our production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.