Paralysed Scholar Gifted A Free Home By PropertyGuru & Tropicana With The Help Of Over 130,000 Malaysians

A paralysed scholar’s dream of owning a home came true on 27 July 2021 when he was gifted with a freehold, fully-furnished home at Tropicana Metropark, Subang Jaya thanks to PropertyGuru, and Tropicana Corporation Berhad, an award-winning Top 10 Developer in Malaysia as well as over 130,000 Malaysians who voted to change his life.

As a person living with physical limitations, Dr Basri bin Husin’s dream of having his own space was more than a simple desire. Wheelchair-bound and limited by his partial paralysis, he finds his independence constantly hindered by his body’s limitations, but constantly pushes past his obstacles without fail. Through his moving story about his search for a home that suits him and his family’s needs, the 39-year-old touched the hearts of the many Malaysians, who came together and took action in voting for him as most deserving to own the unit worth over RM600,000.

Due to his experience of living in an unsanitary neighbourhood, which resulted in his waist down paralysis, Dr Basri was determined to ensure his family would never again have to be at such a risk. Pushing his personal afflictions aside, Dr Basri dove back into his PhD studies in Universiti Malaya with renewed vigour, knowing that completing his higher education would only result in better career opportunities that can help him support his family and bring him a step closer to his homeownership aspiration. This life milestone that he has been working tirelessly towards has been achieved much earlier with the help of Malaysians nationwide.

Dr Basri shared, “It warms my heart to see so many Malaysians come together to support me in the PropertyGuru Home Giveaway initiative. My wife and I are currently renting a Rumah Malaysia unit (formerly known as People’s Housing Project or PPR home) for our family of four with two young children. My salary as a research assistant and her earnings from her part-time work all go towards our rental and daily expenses. We never thought we would be able to own a brand-new home in such a prime location. Our lives have changed forever, and we are forever thankful for everyone who has helped play a part in supporting us.”

Knowing her husband’s desire of having a space that enables his independence, Dr Basri’s wife nominated him for the PropertyGuru Home Giveaway initiative, as she realised that Tropicana Metropark has what he wants and needs. The serviced residences are in a mature location that has easy accessibility and connectivity that would not only encourage Dr Basri’s independence but also provide a good living environment for their family with a 9.2-acre urban park ideal for their children to play in. Following the nomination, and along with four other finalists, Dr Basri was then shortlisted among 1,000 entries. His story received the greatest number of votes from Malaysians who wanted to play a part in helping him own his first home.