Perfection On A Plate

Eating is an experience that does not only involve the tastebuds as it can also be a feast for your eyes. We’re talking about food plating or the process of food decoration to elevate its presentation.

Other than tasting good, the mark of a divine dish is the way it is presented. An attractive plate of food will undoubtedly arouse the appetite and make the meal more enjoyable. And, the chef would surely score extra points for creativity.

“A commendable presentation will make the food fabulous, even if it’s a simple dish” explains Chef Zaihari Zainol, the Executive Chef at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (“TGCR”) in charge of Twenty7 Restaurant, The Palm Coffee House and Spring Garden Restaurant. Food plating isn’t difficult because you can choose to have your own style based on your artistic vision.

“You can use anything from micro leaves and vegetables to edible flowers to decorate a dish” he says, adding that the use of thin crackers can also be aesthetically pleasing.

Among food plating tips include creating height on the plate by decorating from the bottom up, playing with colours by way of using colourful ingredients like carrots, purple cabbage, or blue pea flower, and playing with textures such as using sauces by swirling them on parts of the plate.

Beautiful examples of food plating can be seen here (see photos) from TGCR’s Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant, and Twenty7 Restaurant. Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant’s fried egg white with milk, abalone and mushroom sauce is prettified with edible flowers. The Chicken Schnitzel from Twenty7 Restaurant, available in October, is presented with thin slices of anchovies, coriander cress, crimson amaranth and a stylish slick of mustard.