Primed For Success

High quality teaching and learning are among the attributes of an outstanding school. Teachers and students from three schools tell us why teaching and learning at their respective schools are effective and fulfilling.

Andy Bayfield
Teaching And Learning Leader,
English Teacher
“What differentiates SJIIM is the school’s heritage and how that heritage manifests itself in the school today; the school’s focus on developing character within students, as well as outstanding IGCSE and IB results, is authentic and lived daily by the staff and students.”
Stephanie Fedorowicz
Elementary School (across all core subjects), Assistant Principal – Student Profile (Character, Well-Being,
Teaching And Learning)
“We’re fortunate to have access to technology hardware (in terms of devices) and software, and learning platforms. This allows students to transition more easily to virtual learning during the pandemic”.
Emily Ng Siew Zhang, 18
Year: 13
“There’s a wide range of co-curricular activities at SJIIM, for example, World Scholars Cup, Model United Nations, sports CCAs and more. We can join up to five CCAs (one after each school day) but there is flexibility. As long as you communicate to the teachers, you could even join multiple CCAs on the same day!”

Josh Sheridan
Primary Teacher, Head of Year 5
“We follow the Cambridge Curriculum which offers a broad range of subjects. There is a strong focus on fluency and problem solving. We are not a school that imposes a strict system of learning by rote.”
Sundas Rahman
Science, IGCSE Chemistry
and A Level Chemistry teacher

“Total engagement between teacher and student is crucial. We try and build a mindset of enquiry, logical thinking and real thirst for knowledge. We encourage best habits of independent thought and a lifelong habit of intellectual curiosity and love of learning.”
Garron Yong Hui Ming, 15
Year: 10
“The school’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) system allows students to learn from technology. This system has helped a lot during the pandemic because we know exactly which platform to use for online learning.”

Chauntel Wong Xin Le, 14
Year: 10
“The school has provided us with a good choice of learning apps to help us with our studies and for our convenience. The apps have made learning easier to understand, more enjoyable, and made communication between teacher and student much more convenient.”
Christina Mong
Early Years Foundations Stage teacher
“I always remind myself that every student has the potential to be good at something, and that we as teachers are there to help them see it. This is also the philosophy of the school which matches closely to mine.”
Megghanna, 10
Year: 6
“One thing all my teachers have in common is that they believe in me and they make sure that I am getting better all the time and reach my learning targets.”