Savour These Delights At Tropicana Gardens Mall

Foodies rejoice! After a spell of home-bound life, many of us are longing to dine out once again. Fortunately, there are many restaurants that will tickle your taste buds at Tropicana Gardens Mall and today, we’re bringing you on a makan-makan tour to eight of our eateries. 

The Fire Korean Restaurant
This popular Korean fusion eatery serves a seriously mouth-watering menu of tasty delights from Bulgogi to the whimsical UFO fried rice. We tried and absolutely loved the fully-loaded Roasted Chicken platter cooked up at The Fire. The deliciously tender chicken has a flavourful cumin marinade and is roasted slowly over a hot stone fire, served with Sodduck-sodduck sausage and dumpling skewers, seaweed-rolled rice balls prepared fresh at your table, kimchi and salad complemented with three home-styled dipping sauces. The dish is elevated from a traditional Korean street food into a delectable main course that’s perfect for sharing with a few friends. Manh-i Deuseyo! 

Located at 3rd Floor, 3F-18
Tel: 017-649 3582

Extra Super Tanker
A banquet restaurant by tradition, the name Extra Super Tanker has been synonymous with quality ingredients and exquisite flavours for several years now. Established in 2004, by Chef Chin or more fondly known as ‘Ah Wah Gor’, Extra Super Tanker takes its inspiration from the culinary culture of Mainland China offering authentic Cantonese cuisine with a twist of Hakka flavours. Chef Chin has been lovingly creating his own unique dishes for over 30 years now. This visit was highly anticipated, as everyone has been raving about the food We had to try their extremely popular Baked Spanish Iberico Ribs, imported all the way from Spain. And it… Was… INCREDIBLE! Juicy and tender, the flavours of the pork were subtly different from our local variety. Their secret, a specialty spiced marinade with hints of chili oil, that greatly raised the bar on every other barbequed rib I had ever tasted. Simply amazing! I now understand the hype, and long for my next taste of the culinary wonders at Extra Super Tanker. 

Located at 3rd Floor, 3F-20 & 3F-21
Tel: 03-7620 8877

This cosy, authentic Japanese restaurant serves a wide selection of sushi, sashimi and seasonal dishes, as well as the exclusive Omakase menu all at affordable prices. With dishes that patrons of all tastes and ages can enjoy, you’ll feel immediately comforted, dining in a warm, friendly, welcoming & homely environment.

Located at 3rd Floor, 3F-17
Tel: 012-236 2110

Maison Des Pains
Take a step into Maison Des Pains, and you will be transported right into the heart of a Parisian bakery, with the aroma of freshly made coffee and baked pastries. Indulge in freshly baked bread and pastries, particularly French delicacies such as croissants, caneles, Madeleines, Danishes and flans with special offerings that fuse traditional French flavours with an Asian twist. Bon appétit!

Located at Concourse Floor, CC-76 & 77
Tel: 012-260 3918

It’s time to zonk yourself out with Cargo’s mouth-watering pork burgers! Freshly made from scratch with juicy pork patties and served with craft beer, we can guarantee that a quick stop at this quaintly stylish pop-up container bar can make your day that much brighter.

Located at Pitstop K25 & K25a
Tel: 012-451 0458

Park’s Bagels
Grab a bite at Park’s Bagels for a taste of the quintessential New York snack. We tried the onion bagels, spread thick with a nice spring onion cream cheese that was satisfyingly savoury, along with a latte that really captured the feeling of having a quick breakfast in the bustling big apple. 

Located at Concourse Floor, CC-41
Tel: 016-336 4380

Delay No More
If you love a table full of gigantic crabs, fresh lobster and other lip-smacking ocean delights, Delay No More Crab Seafood Restaurant is the place where your dreams come to life. With generous portions and appetizing aromas, patrons are always happy to come back for more. Everything is freshly caught, beautifully presented and perfectly seasoned with a nice balance of flavours for each dish. Definitely worth every penny!

Located at Concourse Floor, CC-22 & 23
Tel: 014-679 2419

Gula Cakery
Home grown Malaysian bakery from devoted, self-taught teenage baker Arieni Adriena in 2013, who relentlessly polished her skills from ad hoc markets and family functions. Offers gorgeously fluffy and decadently luxurious cakes with over 200 original flavours as well as freshly prepared hot meals. You simply must try their Biscoff Burnt Cheesecake, Double Chocolate Nutella Cake, Victoria Sandwich Cake and of course, their signature Pandan Gula Melaka Cake.

Located at Concourse Floor, CC-47
Tel: 011-2763 7083