Study Smart Not Harder

Apart from understanding and memorising facts that you’ve learned from your teachers and books, there are other methods to live by in order to ace your exams. We’ve compiled several study tips and techniques for you to set yourself up for success.

One of the best ways to score with flying colours is to test yourself as often as you can to boost your understanding of a subject. Passive reading from your textbook or teacher’s notes will not do much to improve your academic performance. Challenge your mental aptitude by quizzing yourself frequently and practice by answering different sets of questions from different sources. When it comes to studying itself, it’s best to study several subjects daily instead of concentrating on just one or two subjects. Such a system will help you stay focused and not get bored easily.

Another useful study tip is to take down notes by hand, rather than using a laptop or desktop. Research has shown that students who pen down their notes on paper are more likely to process and reframe the information, which in turn contribute to better learning. Those who key in their notes on the computer often type in without first processing the information and what’s worse are the online distractions that occur while they are typing.

An enjoyable and effective method when it comes to learning is to study in a group. The top three advantages of this include the chance to compare notes, quiz one another and participate in thoughtful discussions. In order to better understand what you’ve learned is to explain it to others. Explaining to your friend or sibling verbally about what you’ve learned will only make things clearer for you. It helps you to remember and understand the subject matter much better. 

Last but not least, wake up early as experts suggest that early mornings offer many advantages including an enhanced focus and concentration, which is why it is also the best time to study. In other words, you snooze, you lose. So, take advantage that the early morning gives and reap its many benefits. You’re not only guaranteed of a good morning but a great day!