Feast with the family

Great news for fans of mala hotpot! Yuan Laosi Hotpot’s very first restaurant in Malaysia has opened in Tropicana Gardens Mall. Beautifully decorated, it is spacious and grand, with ample tables to accommodate its growing fan base.

Offering both open dining and private booths, Yuan Laosi also has four private VIP rooms complete with karaoke. Its unique selling point comes in the form of an in-house bar where you can order a variety of beer and spirits to complete your meal.

This is in line with the restaurant’s business philosophy; not only is hotpot comfort food, it offers a traditional party culture. By providing customers a relaxing environment, Yuan Laosi – which originated from Chongqing – is the ideal setting for family and friends to gather.

Yuan Laosi gives diners the option to go for single, double or triple soup base. The restaurant’s must-try is naturally the mala soup base. During our visit, we opted for the triple soup base comprising their signature mala soup, tomato soup and mushroom soup. All three soup bases were hearty and well-flavoured.

In terms of meat, their recommended signatures are duck intestine, fresh frog leg, pork shoulder and meatballs. The meat slices here are generous and thick, while the ingredients are fresh, complemented by an assortment of dumplings and vegetable. 

Yuan Laosi also has a variety of starters and side dishes to choose from. Highly recommended are Sichuan style sugar ice jelly, glutinous rice cake and crispy fried meat. Overall, it was a satisfying dining experience that makes one eager to make a return visit. For more details, call 012-991 8830.