30 minutes is all it takes to save a life

Every year, millions of people donate blood that is used to provide transfusions to patients and accident victims in hospitals around the country. One pint of blood donated can save up to 3 lives during cases of critical blood loss.

A total of 85 Tropicana staffers came together to donate blood to the National Blood Bank in the hopes of being able to save lives. Led by the Tropicana Foundation, the Blood Donation Drive occurred on 17 & 18 March 2021 at the Tropicana Experiential Hall at the Tropicana Gardens Office Tower.

On the two days of the blood drive, Tropicana employees who signed up to book their reserved sessions filed in to make the donations. Coming from various departments, the members of the group were screened and tested by the volunteers from the National Blood Bank throughout the day. Donors were given complimentary vouchers as a token of appreciation by the foundation for the duration of the drive.