The Nexus Of Vibrant Business

A vision for the future that is quickly becoming a reality, the Summit Commercial Hub at Tropicana Uplands, Gelang Patah Johor is on track to carve a new route to success. Spreading out from the Iskandar Malaysia hub, this new location has the potential to serve a population of up to 50,000 just from the surrounding developments. Only 15 minutes from Legoland and Educity Iskandar and 30 minutes from JB, it is in the middle of a high growth area and at a key junction of multiple developments, making it a prime location that will receive plenty of traffic not only from the massive residential areas it is adjacent to, but also those coming from nearby Singapore and JB. This new business hub stands to capitalise on the great inflow of patrons and other businesses that will make this a center for commerce.

Location and landmarks
Set in Gelang Patah, Johor, near Legoland, Iskandar Educity

1. High Ceiling 3.5m
2. Private lifts for 4-storey units
3. 12 mins to Gelang Patah
4. Built-in CCTV points
5. 15 mins to Educity Iskandar
6. 20 mins to Port Tanjung Pelepas
7. 56 mins to Singapore
8. Surrounded by mature residences
9. Excellent connectivity
10. Accessible by highways