Top 10 Reasons Tropicana Grandhill Is A Worthy Investment

1. Homes by the Hill
Situated in the cool hills of Genting Highlands, with immersive tranquillity of mountainous landscapes and forest greenery that invite in the breezy lifestyle of nature-infused modernity, Tropicana Grandhill boasts 6 core pillars – residential, commercial, education, wellness, park, and silver hair retirement living.

2. The Weather
Being 1,800 meters above sea level, and surrounded by greenery, the weather is bound to be wonderfully cooling but don’t worry, you are minutes away from the modern conveniences.

3. The Landmark – Genting Highlands
Conceived in 1965, Genting Highlands was built to be a hill station for the masses, which quickly established itself as the favourite refuge and must-visit landmark for the locals and tourists seeking to escape the tropical heat. Almost 57 km from the bustling city of KL, lies the lush green rainforests and home to Mount Ulu Kali, which houses Genting Highlands and the plethora of exciting activities.

4. Games & Adventure
If you are up to it, take a visit to the gaming centres, or perhaps if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, you can also take part in abseiling, indoor rock climbing, and flying fox activities to get your blood pumping.

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5. Indoor Theme Park
If gaming is not your thing, there is an indoor theme park for the family to enjoy together. It is also the home to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum.

6. Genting SkyWorlds
The outdoor theme park, the 20th Century Fox Theme Park as it is also known as is due to open somewhere around this year. Now, that is something to look forward to!

Resort World Hotel, Genting Highlands

7. Gastronomic Heaven
For those who enjoy embarking on a gastronomical adventure, you can find almost anything you crave for in Genting Highlands!

8. Shopping Paradise
There are many places where you can shop; from retail shops in Genting Permai, and Gohtong Jaya, to the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets, where you can get premium brands for really awesome prices!

9. Revenue Generating Destination
Aided by the billion-dollar Genting Integrated Tourism Plan (“GITP”), Genting Highlands has experienced a steady and considerable increase in visitor count. GITP is an ongoing regional development plan put in place since 2013 that aims to enhance Genting Highlands with more commercial and recreational offerings, to boost its appeal to local and international visitors.

10. Arena of Stars
The Arena of Stars is as close as anyone could get to the stars – literally or figuratively. Big names of the entertainment world would often perform here.

Tropicana Grandhill, Genting Highlands