7 Food Stops To Make At Tropicana Gardens Mall

Food choices are aplenty at this neighbourhood shopping mall. Take a break in between shopping at some of our top picks of restaurants below.

Think a variety of Americana-styled food, featuring salads, starters, different kinds of pasta, steaks and that’s what you’ll get here. Don’t forget desserts and drinks as well! Enjoy the lively restaurant with sitting booths made out of classic cars, complemented by charming décor and elegant modern touches.
Located at Lot CC-12, Concourse Floor
Tel: 017-402 0051

Alice Kitchen
Looking for vegetarian and vegan food options? Alice Kitchen is the place for you. Featuring an innovative take on traditional and modern non-meat food, this restaurant offers you freshly prepared, high-quality dishes in an informal setting.
Located at Lot CC-65A, Concourse Floor
Tel: 017-230 9180

Asam Pedas Premier
Malay food doesn’t get more authentic than this! Asam Pedas Premier serves traditional food made using family recipes that were passed and perfected over three generations. Choose from three Signature Asam Pedas dishes – ikan tenggiri, ikan pari or ikan kembung – or other scrumptious Malay meals available.
Located at Lot CC – 05, Concourse Floor
Tel: 03-76658611

Yuan Laosi Hotpot
Adhering to quality, fresh foods, innovative ingredients, and personalised service, this grand restaurant offers both private and open dining experiences. Its main highlight? The mala hotpot will surely satisfy your cravings for spicy food.
Located at Lot CC-29 (West Walk), Concourse Floor
Tel: 012-9918830

Dodo Dim Sum and Bowls
Immerse your tastebuds with the explosive flavours of Thai cuisine. This fusion restaurant specialises in hand-crafted dim sum and authentic Thai dishes made artfully with a dash of freshness and flavour that’ll leave you craving for more.
Located at CC-39 (West Walk), Concourse Floor
Tel: 03-76110071

Siong Tong Gai Restaurant
Satisfy your cravings for Cantonese-style dishes here. Among the signature meals served at this restaurant are steamed fish with aromatic soup made with all-natural fresh ingredients. The fish is tender and juicy while the soup is sweet and delicious.The sweet and sour pork is also a must-try!
Located at CC-37 & 38 (West Walk), Concourse Floor
Tel: 03-76651838

This Japanese beverage and pastry brand has inspired a cheese craze all over the world. Pairing cheese with a variety of coffees and teas, as well as cakes and croissants, expect an elevated taste to whatever you pick! All food and beverages are made fresh daily.
Located at Lot CC-50, Concourse Floor