Game On!

When it comes to seeking the thrills of golfing, the Resorts World Awana Genting Highlands’ golf course serves exactly what you’re looking for.

While not every course teaches you something, some are just full of lessons. Enter the Resorts World Awana Genting Highlands Golf Course. Nestled among the clouds, it is almost quite literally at 3,100 feet above sea level. Combine that with the surrounding lush forest, it is certainly not your typical course.

At first glance, any avid golfer would gasp at the tight fairways. Some may furrow their brows in apprehension, but most would revel in the exhilaration of playing such a tricky course nestled into the Titiwangsa mountain range. The refreshing cool wind is a welcome change from the heat of lowlands. Trust us when we say you’ll need this coolness when grappling with the trickier parts of Awana Genting’s golf course that’s renowned for its undulating tightness from start to finish.

Designed in 1986 by American architect Ron Fream, the 18-hole championship course with its scenic terrain spotted by fir trees mixed in with jungle species is a perfect representation of the architect’s design ethos. Fream once lamented in a 2014 interview that golf need not always be an immaculate, highly expensive standard. “The origins on the links of Scotland and some of the earliest courses outside the UK in the tea plantations and hill stations of India clearly demonstrate that golf can be a bit scruffy, rough round the edges and still be enjoyable.”

The golf course at Awana Genting is a fantastic design challenge where risk-reward shots are regularly presented to golfers playing this layout. On many holes, golfers can take short cuts over the surrounding trees but the narrowness means that a severe hook or slice could land your ball into the jungle. Hence, precision is of utmost importance here.

Going for the green
Though golfing at Awana Genting is often characterised as a challenge, that’s not all there is to it. You see, the whole joy about golf is being there in nature, surrounded by trees, grass and beautiful landscaping, and often in good company.

This exact spirit is reflected in a brand new highland city located just kilometres away from the golf course. Known as Tropicana Grandhill, this 112-acre slice of heaven nestled in the Genting hillside is currently being transformed into the first master-planned township in the highlands with a sprawling integrated community of serviced residences, educational facilities, hospitality lodging, and commercial hub catering to fashion, dining, business, and wellness needs. With a new slice of heaven that’s set to be enveloped by nature’s beauty and just a short distance away from one of Malaysia’s most compelling golf courses, you definitely would not want to fly the green – especially this one.