Make It Pop!

Interested in starting or expanding your art collection? Here, we zoom in on American sculptor and artist, Jeff Koons. Read on for five things you need to know about this neo-pop artist.

  • Following a creative childhood, Jeff Koons studied painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. It wasn’t until the mid-1980s where he rose to prominence as an innovative sculptor, designing uniquely crafted objects that are well-known globally today.
  • To date, Jeff has produced over 1,000 art pieces. He turns unassuming, everyday objects, such as the twisting balloons, into high-art icons.
  • One of his early famous artworks is the ‘Rabbit’, designed in 1986. Made of highly polished stainless steel, it resembles an inflatable bunny with a reflective mirror-like surface, which gives the viewer a cool, distorted effect of themselves when peering into it. It is now the most expensive work sold at auction by a living artist and is owned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.
  • Jeff’s work isn’t without controversy. In 1988, he created a series of kitsch sculptures in a series called ‘Banality’ that’s inspired by pop culture. One of his more recognised sculptures depicts a white and gold porcelain Michael Jackson leaning back in a flower bed while his monkey, Bubbles clutches at a white cloth. Critics say that the sculpture resembles a religious portrayal akin to Catholic saints figures that are often sculptured from gold leaf and porcelain.
  • ‘Celebration’, conceived in 1994, is an ongoing Koons series of sixteen paintings and twenty sculptures that’s inspired by the rituals surrounding parties. Among his iconic creations for this series are ‘Tulips’, a group of whimsical multi-coloured, stainless steel sculptures that resemble a bouquet of flowers, and ‘Balloon Dog’, a literal sculpture of a giant balloon animal – the kind you see at birthday parties.