Back To School!

Now that learning institutions have reopened, children are able to benefit from real-time interaction again.

Incorporating fun opportunities for students along with a robust academic curriculum is beneficial for a child’s growth. Recognising this, GEMS International School at Tropicana Metropark in Subang Jaya offers an environment that ensures students are celebrated, given new experiences, and above all, feel safe and happy. With the reopening of schools across the country, we talk to a student about her thoughts on studying at this highly-acclaimed school.

Shazana M.A Shajahan, Year 12 – A Level

If you could describe GEMS in three words, what would they be?
“Friendly environment, diverse community and ample resources.”

What do you love about studying at GEMS?
“The dedicated teachers who go the extra mile for me! They continuously encourage me to go out of my comfort zone. Additionally, studying at GEMS has allowed me to explore different scopes of study and I’m very lucky to be able to have a balanced subject combination for my A Levels, where I am able to also pursue my passion subjects.”

How has it been transitioning from learning at home to going back to school?
“With the onset of the pandemic, online learning was the only way we could go forward, however, I was most happy when we were finally allowed back to school. Learning with friends at a desk with a teacher is definitely much better! Transitioning from learning at home back to physical classes was purely instinctive for me!

What would you tell another student who is considering studying at GEMS?
“GEMS combines the best traditional methods and modern teaching practices. The faculty of local and expatriate teachers work very closely with all students to ensure successful learning. They encourage students to be independent learners, thus instilling the need for us to be responsible and taking charge for our own learning.”