Tropicana & Thai Odyssey Unites For Charity

Providing relief: Observing social distancing rules, Din Tan, Thai Odyssey Managing Director (second from left) took time off to deliver basic necessities and food packs to various homes.

Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, a subsidiary of Tropicana Corporation Berhad recently joined forces with Thai Odyssey to give back to society. The event started from 19 January to 10 February 2021, was put together by Tropicana Foundation, a charity arm of the Tropicana Group in its aim to sell goods, raise funds and provide relief to the underprivileged communities during this MCO period. 

Tropicana’s Group Managing Director, Dion Tan and Thai Odyssey Managing Director, Din Tan echoed sentiments about reaching out to help the communities.

“As a community builder, it is our mission to redefine the art of living – to innovate, create and improve the life of our community. This MCO 2.0 will have more a dire effect on everyone so it is important to unite and support the underprivileged society. Our TGCR team took turns to bake over 1,600 jars of cookies and healthy snacks to sell within our neighbourhood. Profits will be channelled to 28 selected homes such as orphanages, old folks and special needs homes.” Dion explained.

“At Thai Odyssey, we are pleased to collaborate with Tropicana to spread cheer and uplift people’s spirits. This year, we put together our team of masseurs to make over 300 authentic Thai Herbal Poultices and Herbal Pouches. We are aiming to raise funds through our charity sales so that the collected funds can be used to help make the lives of the underprivileged more joyful and comfortable during such challenging times.” Din elaborated.